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PyCATSHOO comes with examples contained in a project that can be found in the pycatshoodestdirectory/Samples directory.

We recommend the use of Pycharm IDE.

When using PyCATSHOO with the PyCharm IDE, make sure that python interpreter for your projects is set to the appropriate version of python with the numpy and matplotlib libraries.

The Windows PyCATSHOO package only works with Python 3.6. It is included in the Windows installer and can be found in the pycatshoodestdirectory/ThirdParty/Python directory.

Download LinksOSX-64WIN-64LINUX-64
Interpreter RequiredPython64 3.5 or higherPython64 3.6 Python64 3.6 
Embeeded InterepreterNonePython64 3.6 None
Embeeded IDEPyCharm CE 2019.4.3 PyCharm CE 2019.4.3 None